Unleash potential by the right means.

Our Mission
To be the premier provider of human capital development solutions which cultivates personal and community growth, and brings beneficial influences to human lives.

Training & Consulting

Strong training and consulting capabilities.

Every person has untapped potential and we are committed to find the best way to unleash it.

Adventure Architecture

Value our constructions and maintenance work.

Our construction is not static but growing with time to suit our clients’ continuous training & development needs.

Youth & Kids Development

All-rounded development of our future leaders.

Cultivate a stimulating environment to acquire the essential skills.

Core Competences

Our Knowlege

No matter what potential you have, or how seemingly impossible to unleash it, we definitely can get you through with our experiences.

Our Strengths

Nearly A Decade Experience

Our well-developed signature programs, “Best Show”, “Magic Journey”, “Flying High”, etc., use a wide range of mediums, such as African Drumming, Video Taking, Mind Mapping, Ropes Courses and various action-based activities, to best achieve training objectives.

Our Achievements

More Than 40,000 Participants

Delivered training across Asia in the past 8 years.

Our Training


Some of

Our clients

The services provided by Haac produce far-reaching effects to our wide portfolio of clients ranging from international corporations, schools to non-profit-making organizations.

* Commercial Corporations
* Education Bodies
* Non-profit-making Organizations

We have served more than 40,000 candidates from over 410 organizations. More than 70% of our clients have joined our programs more than once.

Some of


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